Recipes KMC Recommend!

Our KMC salt and pepper seasoning mix really can be used for almost anything. We are proud to have crafted a healthy seasoning product that makes dishes tastier and spicer, even for people who are looking to lose a few calories.

Salt and pepper seasoning is a favourite for Chinese cuisine, so much so that KMC Seasoning is the perfect ingredient for foodies interested in making their own 'fakeaway'. From the much-loved salt and pepper chips to spicy chicken wings, these salt and pepper recipes only come alive when applying a generous amount of salt and pepper seasoning.

We want you to use our salt and pepper seasoning however you like. To help you out a little bit, we've curated our recommended list of salt and pepper seasoning recipes for you to use as you please. For inspiration for tonight's meal, just click on a salt and pepper recipe below, follow the simple instructions, and most of all... enjoy!

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