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Our Story

KMC Foods’ Salt & Pepper Seasoning began in a small domestic kitchen. For six months our founder, Kish, experimented with ingredients in his house until he achieved the perfect recipe – a fresh, tasty, high-quality product that gives normal meals a real kick! With nothing else like it on the market, he took the finished recipe to local butchers and suppliers, which was a huge hit. When the orders started rolling in (and the chilli powder started to take over the house), Kish knew he had to upscale the operation.

Having bought a lean-to, he expanded and began to produce more and more seasoning from his garden, but with demand increasing rapidly, the space simply wasn’t big enough. Today, our Salt & Pepper Seasoning is produced in a factory by our small, close-knit team, who goes above and beyond to ensure the product meets and exceeds all required standards of quality. It appears to be working, as our customer base is the largest its ever been!

Due to demand, our Salt & Pepper Seasoning is now available in both catering and retail packs. Of course, we love the product and we are extremely proud of how versatile it is, but its success has astonished us nonetheless – and it wouldn’t be possible without new investment and the continued support from our suppliers.

Kish, originally from Tanzania, moved with his family to England when he was just 10 years old. A dedicated LFC supported Kish always dreamt of living here. Despite running a successful business with a loving family, Kish has experienced terrible poverty in his earlier life. That is why he wants to give something back to the community by donating some of the company’s turnover to poverty prevention charities.

Original Innovators of Salt & Pepper Seasoning!

We are proud to be the first to foray into salt and pepper seasoning, and our unique recipe is unmistakable. We couldn’t be prouder of what we have created and we are so glad our customers love it too.