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Versatile Seasoning

Versatility Is key when it comes to our product, because who wants a seasoning that they can only use on one dish? Rather than taking a back seat in the kitchen, our seasoning will lend itself to many of the every-day dishes our customers prepare all the time!

Attractive Mark-Up

The wholesale price point of our seasoning allows room for a strong wholesale mark-up – plus, our price is more competitive than others in the market.

Superior Quality

We are honest about exactly what goes into our product. We don’t need to bulk out our product with flour or dilute the flavours, but many of our competitors do exactly that. You can be confident that you are selling a product your customers will love, every time.

The Original

Our founder, Kish, is the original innovator of salt and pepper seasoning. With his determination to succeed, we have created a product we are really proud of. Having started in Kish’s kitchen to the factory today, KMC Salt & Pepper Seasoning is a hugely successful product and the first of its kind.