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Add a little magic to your meals with our signature seasoning.

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“heaven in a pot”

Heaven. Now I can continue to enjoy my favourite spice mix at home during this lockdown. I have put this on nearly everything i cook. It turns an average dish into something you could only get from your restaurant or takeaway with that authentic salt & pepper taste :)

-- Brian



Choose from our range of Signature seasoning blends - delicious & versatile.

An MSG Free version of our Salt & Pepper Seasoning.

Our Chinese Salt & Pepper Seasoning is fresh, delicious and a far healthier alternative than table salt and pepper. This salt and pepper mix uses simple, household ingredients to deliver big flavours that complement any meal!

Take your recipes to the next level with our tasty red salt seasoning.

Our Garlic Salt Seasoning is fresh, light and lifts vegetable, fish and meat dishes with a well-rounded injection of flavour.


For you, a loved one, or a friend.

Choose your own flavours! Select any 6 seasonings and create your own selection. 6 x 250g pots.

Choose your own flavours! Select any 3 seasonings and create your own selection. 3 x 250g pots.

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